How oilfield technology is changing everything (and why that’s a good thing)

By November 2, 2015Uncategorized
Call it what you want – digitization, modernization, “the great crew change” – every day we wake up to a new reality of life in the oilfield.
In the next 5 to 7 years, 50% of the workforce is retiring. HALF.
As they leave, they’re replaced at a rate of (again) 50% – that is, for every 2 retiring, 1 enters the workforce.
And those to which they’re handing the reins? It’s a completely different group of people – predominantly under 35. Almost an entire generation.
Let that sink in.
Sure, it’s an enormous task to continue operating at the same level when the industry is changing around us – and it’d be easy to get overwhelmed – but that’s what makes us (those still in the energy industry) different. We’re scrappy because we’ve had to be, we inherited this business at $40 per barrel. We know the realities of operational efficiencies and getting your hands dirty. We know that sometimes, even though it “ain’t broke” it could use fixing.
There’s absolutely going to be an experience gap, but it’s being made up for with technology and new tools. Given the choice between budgets and efficiency in the form of technology adoption, we’re starting to see the dial move toward innovation! There’s an understanding that with relatively small money and time considerations, massive ROI can be uncovered. What used to take days and was a team effort, now takes one or two people a couple hours. The days of faxing hand-written directions to wells and three-ring binders packed full of shoddy vendor contact information are all but over.
Oil Patch Pro, a cutting-edge oilfield navigation and location management platform for iOS, Android, and web has been instrumental in making this vision a reality. At its core, Oil Patch Pro is a mobile app allowing anyone in the oilfield to quickly access and share well data and live turn-by-turn directions to every active and permitted well location in Texas (more states coming soon!). OPP also offers a web app, giving oil and gas companies the power to set up critical well data and share it amongst company personnel, consultants, vendors, and service companies in the field. Easily increase operational efficiency by putting custom maps (for even the most remote locations), company man contact info, vendor lists, field notes, and wellbore design at the fingertips of those who need it most. See how it can make your life easier at, and download it today on the App Store and Google Play.
Remember the hot-shot driver that got lost, burning $1,000 per hour of your budget? Next time, have Oil Patch Pro in your front pocket and get that driver on site with ease.
For us, getting back to $70 per barrel is not a question of if, but rather when. Will you be ready?