Finding a Niche in the Downturn

By July 25, 2016Uncategorized

After our feature in the Austin Business Journal last week (click here to read the full story), we got to thinking about the unique niche our app fills in the current economic state of the industry. Let’s not dance around the issue – good news is hard to come by these days. The rig count has recently been increasing, but the news coming out of the major industry players is “lower for longer” – and we still think it’s possible to do some of our best work in this economic climate. Let me explain.

Company reorganizations are forcing drillers into operations, and vendors are servicing new locations. While formerly 2 or 3 pumpers may have been servicing a group of wells, now there’s just 1. Those 3 drivers knew their route – but the new driver only knows a few of the wells, how can he find the others? On top of that, how can you expect him to be able to efficiently plan a route to hit each of his stops without backtracking and driving over the same stretch of road multiple times?
Efficiency is key – it’s all about doing more with less, and our app puts better data and directions at the fingertips of the oilfield workforce. Recently, we’ve seen this play out time and again – and we’ve been able to help. One user recently told us:

“This app was very helpful in finding the wells I had to get loads of saltwater to haul to disposal. Most of the gps directions were spot on…Using this app made it easier for me to find the wells.” -Luis

Sometimes environmental conditions make this job even tougher – take this user, he works at night and wrote to us about the importance of route planning:

“I usually visit 4 to 6 client wells nightly. Another reason I need a good location program… I am a night supervisor. I lead trucks into locations and check on drivers.” -Eric

It’s not just the operations side that benefits from on-demand driving directions – drilling & completions jobs benefit from less non-productive time when everyone is onsite on-time, and it’s a huge step forward in team collaboration. Industry experts state that non-productive time can range anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour per employee per day – this can really add up! Recently a user told us:
“I am a pump/kill truck operator, vacuum transport and winch truck driver. I previously hauled frac sand for Texas Chrome Transport for a brief time. I’ve mentioned the app to my coworkers my have showed them how it works, I find it as a convenience when trying to locate certain wells.”

Make no mistake, rigs (though fewer) are still running – remote areas in the Permian are being developed and new locations are coming online. Despite the downturn, we continue to be optimistic about the value that Oil Patch Pro brings to the entire oil & gas industry. Every week we hear things like “Not sure how i lived without this app” – and that’s all the convincing we need! If you’re interested in how Oil Patch Pro can streamline your operations, drop us a line at!