Custom Routes for Everyone

By September 19, 2016Uncategorized

How many times have you driven to a remote location deep in the oilfield, only to find that the directions you were given stop on the last public road? Between you and these wells can lie miles of newly-constructed, unmapped lease roads. Sometimes you can switch to satellite view on your mapping app for help, but on private ranches and leases these images can be outdated, leaving you struggling for a next step. It’s clear that the oilfield needs a way to clearly communicate directions for the “last-mile” – and to convey preferred routes to each vendor and service company.

Given the choice between a list of instructions and a map, the vast majority of us prefer the visual aid of having a map to reference – but too often these maps are poorly scaled, imprecise, and sometimes even hand-drawn!

Here at Oil Patch Pro this was a concern we aimed to address for a long time – and we’re proud to announce our solution: “OPP Maps & Routes”. Part of our premium web app, this feature allows operators, vendors, service companies – practically anyone needing to access a field location – to create a custom route from anywhere to the location. With infinitely customizable starting positions, there’s never any confusion! A casing crew from Pecos, TX and a logging truck from Hobbs, NM can both receive customized directions to a well in Garden City, TX complete with both turn-by-turn directions AND a map – all available in our OPP mobile app, or as a PDF download! The best part? It takes less than 5 minutes to set it up.

Here's how it works

Click into the “Maps & Routes” tab for a desired location, enter a starting point for the custom route, click “Add”, and OPP generates the best route to the oilfield location

Click and drag the route to customize

Add additional steps for new or lease roads

Access and share the routes with colleagues and vendors through the OPP mobile app