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Countdown: 5 Best Restaurants – Midland!

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Y’all spoke, and we listened! This week in our series Oil Patch Pro’s “Best of” we’re counting down the 5 best restaurants in MIDLAND, Texas. Be sure and leave us a comment to tell us what town we should cover next! Here goes nothing…

5. Basin Burger House – This Midland staple takes your average burger joint and kicks it up a notch! From the warm, inviting atmosphere to the fresh-cut fries and interesting burger combinations, this place does everything just a little bit better. They even offer some fare you won’t find at other burger bars, like “skinny fries” (green beans topped with grated parmesan) and a fully-stocked bar! The “Poblano Burger” with roasted green chiles, a fried egg, and avocado seems to be the house favorite!

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4. Hog Pit Pub & Grub – Sometimes you’ve got a craving for barbeque with a good old fashioned jukebox – and when you get that feeling in Midland, head over to Hog Pit. Regulars swear by the chicken fried steak and ribs (a half rack is plenty unless you’re seriously hungry) – but get your fill before the kitchen closes at 2pm! Don’t worry though, the bar stays open much later…and many nights you’ll find live music!


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3. KD’s BBQ – This place has got to be the most popular barbeque restaurant in Midland, hands down – just walk right up to the giant smoker and point to what you want! The brisket is the house specialty, with a noticeable pink “smoke ring” bordered by a dark, crispy bark – the sausage has people talking, too. You pay for the meat by the pound, but the salad, beans and dessert are all included as part of the meal – you can’t beat that deal!

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2. The Garlic Press – For business lunches or date nights, you may be looking for something a little more upscale – look no further than The Garlic Press in Wadley Heights. Every table is served the namesake appetizer – warm bread, butter, and a freshly roasted head of garlic with a garlic press – and it keeps people coming back! Take our advice and get a reservation if you’re going during peak hours. The wine list is extensive, the chefs and cuisine are outstanding, and the service is second-to-none.


Photo courtesy of The Garlic Press

1. Wall Street Bar & Grill – Every town has that place that seems to always be “happening” – if you’re in Midland place is Wall Street Bar & Grill. Two of the most talked-about menu items are their salad with house vinaigrette and crumbled bleu cheese, and the “gold brick” – ice cream with a signature chocolate hard topping! Oil folks come and go, but it doesn’t get much more quintessentially “Midland” than this place, right across from the post office.

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And that’s a wrap on Midland! While you’re checking out some of these places be sure and download Oil Patch Pro – we make navigating the oilfield simple, and put the information you need in the palm of your hand. Download it today for free for iPhone and Android!

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Countdown: 5 Best Restaurants in Odessa!

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Today we’re starting a new series – Oil Patch Pro’s “Best of!” Here we showcase the best an area has to offer, so when you’re out and about in the oilfield you can try them yourself! This week, we’re starting with “Best 5 restaurants in Odessa, Texas” and counting down from #5 to #1. Be sure and leave us comments on Facebook to tell us where YOUR favorite places are in our next city, MIDLAND, Texas! Here we go…

5. Jorge’s Mexican Food – This seems to be the go-to spot for a good burrito or some enchiladas…and people in Odessa know their Tex-Mex! Portions are big and the recipes are authentic. Here you can get all the staples – enchiladas, tacos, burritos, chile rellenos, and queso – at a great price!

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Photo courtesy of Zomato

4. Zucchis Ristorante – Everything about this Italian joint is worth mentioning – but we’ll hit the highlights. Great pizza, great pasta, great steaks – you’ve gotta try the spaghetti bolognese. Larry the owner tries to greet each table and make sure they feel welcome, which is a really nice personal touch. The blackened chicken and tortellini is a local favorite – and their house salad dressing is to-die-for!

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3. The Barn Door Steakhouse – This is the place to come if you’ve got that insatiable craving for meat! Their steaks are the best around, and the prime rib is famous throughout the Permian. Located across from Odessa College, the best part of dinner at The Barn Door is the complimentary house-made bread and 5-lb block of cheddar that is delivered to each table! That’s right – 5 pounds of cheddar cheese! That should hold you over while they prepare your steak and sides to perfection. Rumor even has it that there’s a chair set up for the resident ghost the “train depot” section of the restaurant…Insider info: Save room for the millionaire pie.


Photo courtesy of Yelp

2. Dumplins y Amigos – Quick quiz: at which restaurant in the Permian basin you get steak, shrimp, nachos, stew, salad, enchiladas, and chile rellenos, and a cheeseburger all at the same meal? Dumplins y Amigos, of course – but people really come here for the breakfast! This mom and pop diner has been a part of Odessa for as long as anyone can remember, and the service is great – takes you back to a simpler time! The portions are a great size, and we heard from an insider that you’ve gotta try the Chile Verde Breakfast Plate.

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Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

1. Whitehouse Meat Market – This place may not be in Washington, but it’ll leave you feeling pretty Presidential! Originally opened in 1956, the spot boasts a full-service meat counter and butcher, but the famous cheeseburgers really put this place on the map – many say it’s the “best in town”! The menu is fairly simple, and the portions are large…you can even add flame-roasted hatch green chiles to your burger – a great touch! Pro tip: If you’re planning a cookout, let these guys do the hard work for you – they’ll put together meal packs for you to take and cook yourself!

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All in all, Odessa has some pretty great choices when it comes to satisfying your appetite. While you’re enjoying a meal at one of these great places, be sure to download Oil Patch Pro and use it to make sure you find the way back to your well site as easily and quickly as possible. We take the guesswork out of directions and put the oilfield in the palm of your hand. Download it today on iPhone or Android.

Be sure and leave us some comments on Facebook and let us know what your favorite restaurants are in our next spot, Midland!